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Related post: Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:40:35 -0800 (PST) From: T nn preteens modles Chase McPhee Subject: Out In The Wild, Wild West nude preteen african 11The following story is a work of fiction set in club seventeen preteens the format of reality. Any resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons in towns, cities, or governmental areas, in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving male to preteen black girls male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don't forget, in real life, to think about 'sexual safety matters'; got condom?"Out In The Wild, Wild West" 11 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%A gunshot, in the air, halted the melee. Without use of their hands, surely the fracas would have wound up the same. However, the white men let it go the distance, releasing their pent up emotions on the roughhousing that had ensued, as a result of Inteus' uproar to Kachada receiving a ball-beating from two of their capturers. Subduing all of the braves, except one, they surrounded the exception. The braves, all on their knees, resecured with the poles behind their necks, arms and wrists tied to the wooden binds, saw their predicament, as futile to fight anymore. They rested, knowing that they would again need to resume their fate of walking to wherever their destination had been set as. For their tormentors, they would have the luxury of riding on horse, as the bare feet of the braves hot nude preteen tred the landscape.For the moment, though, the horsemen wandered away from the tautly tied, captive braves. Originally set at thirty-two men, most had left to hunt down Cheyenne, Steve Connors, James West and Robert Birch. They had figured Birch had already gone preteen modelling bbs after West, since he had been assigned full responsibility in the capture and sequestering of West.A few had been left to watch young butt preteen after the braves, however a small group found their way to a clearing amoungst the trees. There, they found their leader, Caligula, entertaining Hastiin. Or maybe the other way around?"Have you grown bored?" Caligula asked the three men.Standing there, with one hand on his hip, the fully naked, thirty-one year old man of chocolate skin, stood. His six foot, four inch frame, held nicely together by two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle, had been highlighted by his free hand stroking his twelve inches of cut meat. The three gawked at the beauty of the man,more astounded by his endowment."Maybe a piece of the action?""Um, I wouldn't count on it, Buck," Chuck replied.The twenty-four year old stepped too close, to where Caligula stood, preteen breeder rubbing his pent up erection. As if invading a territory, Buck wound up nude preteen search flying through the air, as Caligula made his point, protecting what was his.Bending in half, Ben Logan reached down, offering his hand, saying, "You okay, Buck?""Yeah, I'm alright," he responded, rubbing his jaw, taking his bud's asian preteens artistic hand.Chuck laughing, told him, "Told you not to mess with him, didn't preteen terra I?"Being young, possibly a bit immature, Buck fessed up, "I'll say!"Heading back down the path from where they came, the three resigned to using whatever they could get from the litter of braves. However, none of the braves would be experiencing the hell Hastiin was being put through."You will learn to suck me, boy!"Hastiin knew some of the white man's language. For sure, he realized the implication Caligula set forth, stroking his thick, twelve inch meaty cock. With much bravery and gay preteens 3d self indignation, Hastiin knew what was at stake, utilizing his strong will of resistance. He wasn't about to give in to Caligula's threats or warnings.However, Caligula saw this as another challenge to break the indian brave. It wouldn't be the first man that he's broken and most likely not the last. For the moment, he focused on the hard willed brave.Gone had been the wooden brace that lined the other brave's shoulders. Instead, photography of preteens Hastiin's five foot, ten inch frame stood, tied eagle-spread to the trees. His long, black hair hung down, shoulder length. The other hair on his body stood out under his arms, his pubes and the tight trail that connected his navel to the wiry hair around his nine inch manhood and lightly covering his large globes.Caligula had been in the process of pounding two stakes into the ground, slightly behind where Hastiin hung by his bound wrists. Taking a leather lace, he tied it around Hastiin's right ankle. Next, pulling it outwards preteen japan nonude and back, he tied it to one of the stakes. Repeating preteen sarah model the action, but using much more force, he stretched Hastiin's left foot back and outstretched. It took more muscle to bind it to the other stake. When completed, he stood preteen boy photos in front of the brave, admiring how the bondage position left Hastiin's endowment to hang freely, untouched girl pleasurable preteen by his slightly hairy tease pre teen thighs."You 'will' be submitting to me, boy!"Hastiin replied nastily, something which Caligula could not understand, but derived pleasure in hearing the resistance in Hastiin's voice.Going to the side, Caligula released one of the ropes. A master of not only bondage, submission, torture and other disciplines, Caligula had a vast knowledge of many other things. One rope controlled the system of pulleys that allowed both of the ropes, attached to Hastiin's wrists, to slack. Even though they remained outstretched, in cute preteens gallery opposite directions, his body lowered, moving forwards. Soon his spine formed a slight curve, as he moved to face the ground. Tying off the rope, Caligula came to stand right in front of Hastiin."Almost," Caligula replied russian preteen model to his own assumption.Hastiin's head wasn't low enough, according to Caligula's plans for total submission to sucking his cock. Loosening the rope once more, he let it run through the pulley system.Grunting, Hastiin's body came to a preteen pageant gown halt. It's not the bondage position his body took up that bothered him. He could take the pain of anything his captor dealt out, preteen girl modles but would not shame himself in tasting the dark meat. He had too much pride in himself to surrender, no matter what the price.Before Caligula even offered his meat to Hastiin's lips, he opened the lid of the large wooden chest, planted on the ground in front of them preteen beach sex and lifted out a long, leather strap. Walking to where Hastiin's head hung down, he grabbed the indian scalp. From experience, Caligula knew that part of the enjoyment of breaking a boy had been to terrorize, visually, and this step of his kinky little preteens plan he unleashed on Hastiin.But, Hastiin showed Caligula no pleasure, keeping a stiff upper lip, after he spit on the wide leather strap held before him. This only made Caligula smile more. He pictured in his mind the time that would come when Hastiin would be freely licking his feet!Showing his resistance to being whipped across the back ten times, gave Caligula encouragement to pour on the pain. Returning from his wooden chest of delights, he carried a preteen videoclips chained device. Standing to the side of Hastiin's pubic region, he reached underneath to find his orbs. Placing the leather piece around the base, he fastened it in place. He stepped back to look at the christian preteen models separate sacs, joined as one, snuggled together by the leather bondage. Three chains hung down, which had been hooked to the leather ball collar.Hastiin, gaining a bit incest preteen young of apprehension, watched as Caligula's chocolate brown ass stood up, Caligula bending to fetch something else from the chest. Hastiin had hoped to resumed his down trodden nn preteen forum facial position before Caligula had turned around.Caligula didn't need to catch Hastiin looking at him. He knew, by the welted, sweating body of his captive, that he had already began to give in, even if by a fraction's worth. In his hand, Caligula carried a two pound weight. Instead of making it visible, he went right to his task of attaching it to the end of the three chains, dropping nubiles sexy preteen it. He grinned, knowing of the message it beheld, as it bounced, then came to a halt, swinging moderately."Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Gnnnnnnnnnnn! Akk!"Hastiin had never known pain like this, in all his life, as the feeling of having his ballsacs stretching far from his cock. The torment fotos gratis preteen included bbs preteen porn being able to see beyond his mostly taut body and the edge of his hairy balls, beyond his tight abs. It made his back arch and as it did, he picked his head up. Directly in front of him, stood Caligula. One hand was on his hip, as his other hand held the barrel of his twelve inch cock. As much as he wanted the pain in his balls to stop, he lowered his head.Either way, Caligula was winning. Either way, he knew he'd get his way. Either way, he would thrive on the pain that Hastiin absorbed or the point at which the brave would give in, surrendering himself to taking his manhood down his throat. Caligula's wooden chest held enough of a variety of torturing tools that could turn any man's will to his!%Robert Birch had his own lovely nymphet preteen little game in progress. From their first encounter, Robert detected some of James West's pleasures. The foremost, had been stuffing his ten inch pleasure rod into James' soft, hot ass chute. >From rumor, which he found to be truth, he wanted to find out from himself just preteennude models how far he could go to pleasure James with sweet pain. He also added some tgp preteen babe of his own areas of enjoyment, humiliation and cum control. James West wouldn't be the first man that he's controlled, just by the will of the need to shoot his load and the prevention of the major eruption."Bet preteen sexy latinas you want to cum real bad, don't you James?""Oh yeah....akkkkkkk!" James said softly, then cried out as Robert slapped him across the jaw."Respect, James?""Yes, Sir. Please, Sir, I want to cum so bad."Robert drew back, nn preteenn models an evil grin preteen modeling naked donning his face. He knew preteens pics free James would have to do better than that!%Regardless of the position of top or bottom, the young braves had been used randomly to satisfy the needs of their captors.Etu felt such grief for Ciqala, figuring he had suffered enough, with the brand on his chest. However, the nineteen year old had to lie there, helpless to help Ciqala or himself, as the two suffered getting their asses stretched by the two white men behind them. Being best preteen pedo a survivor, ousted from offhost preteen his own people, he began to develop a preteen anal stories fond relationship with the eighteen year old. His compassion had been drawn from preteen girls cameltoe more than the branded chest, but a deep love ensued and he sensed a closeness to Ciqala that had never invaded his senses. To lie there, a cock up his own ass, penetrating his spincter, to see his topman receiving the same, hurt him in more ways than one. In his native legal preteen pics tongue, he called out to the men to stop their brutal rape. They stopped alright."Hey, Ben, I think this boy here just called you a fucker?""Hee hee... ain't that what we are, Chuck?" Ben responded, even though it wasn't directed to him.Next to the two, twenty-four year old Buck Johnson lay, almost on top of Tocho, pounding his twenty-one year old ass."I don't like the way he said it, if preteen voyer candid you know what I mean?""Yeah, I get almost illegal preteen it. C'mon, let's have some fun," Ben said, nymphets preteen tgp winking."Can't you guys just settle for a nice hot ass chute?"However, Buck knew the chemal model preteen sadistic side the two had. He even felt sorry preteen breast augmentation for what he knew the indian brave would be treated to, but kept his mouth shut and continued pleasuring his cock. He did watch, with a small sense of pity, as Chuck pulled the brave up preteens sex dark from the preteeny video gallery log he was bent over."Want me to hold him first, Chuck?""Hell yeah!" Chuck called out.Already stripped from the waist down, except for his boots, the twenty-six year old peeled off his shirt, already unbuttoned. preteen beastality girls From preteen beauty gallery the half hour of fucking Etu's ass, preteen blonde legs the sun reflected from his sweaty skin. He looked up at Etu, grinning at the fright in the nineteen year old's eyes.Etu's eyes shone with fright, as the nineteen year old stood there, arms in disarray, as Ben held him in bondage. The position of Ben's arms, woven under Etu's, then hands clasped preteen webcam gallery behind the neck, caused the brave's body to stretch upwards and slightly back. It tightened every muscle in Etu's stomach. Even though he hadn't the model preteen pixs ripped abs look that some of the braves possessed, Etu's gut had a recessed appearance."Hold'em tight now, Ben.""Oh, don't worry, Chuck. I got him!" Ben replied, with an adrenaline rush of anticipation.Buck slowed his pace, as he turned slightly to watch Chuck and Ben, readying to cause the brave torment. He gazed preteenx russian back to where Ciqala nude preteen links stood, his back to a tree, rope tied round both his body and the trunk. The twenty-four year old sensed some sympathy for the brave. It's obviously the two had been connected in some way. Buck began to have flashbacks of a guy he once knew that he loved with all his heart."Uggggggghhhhhgnnnnn!" Etu cried japanese preteen thumbnails out.Buck's attention drew from Ciqala's sudden contortion of his face, to Etu, whom had just belched out from the gut punch Chuck had delivered."Good one, Chuck, but is that the best you can do?" Ben replied, with the suggestion."Best, Ben? Shit! I'm just starting to warm up!"With a laugh, Chuck put a hand on Etu's chest and delivered a hard upper right to his stomach."Oh fuck, almost felt like you punched my gut!""Oh yeah? Hell, feel this one!"Even though the nineteen preteens underwear pics year old brave had two gutpunches to his body, his head hung down to almost his chest. He breathed heavily, his body sweating profusely."Ooooohuuuuughhhh!"Chuck's next heave into Etu's abs caused Ben to almost fall over, clutching preteen thumbnail pictures the brave in the full nelson position. It caused his hands to break their holding action. Half of Etu's body collapsed."Oh no you don't!" Chuck exclaimed.Reaching under Etu's slacking, right arm, Chuck lifted, circling around behind him."C'mon, Ben. Show me what you can do!""Fuck yeah!"Buck started to feel sick."Why preteens modeling underwear don't you guys just leave him the hell alone. He's had enough."It had been no secret between the three that Ben and Buck didn't exactly cherish preteen nymphet nude a fond love for each other. More, far from it."Why don't you just shut the fuck up, Buck, unless you want to take his place!" Ben yelled back, rubbing his right fist with the palm of his left hand.This had become an ongoing fued between Ben and Buck, since Ben came on board with the gang. Chuck Strong had become Buck Johnson's friend six nude gymnast preteen months earlier and they had bonded, as friends. However, when Ben came along, Chuck developed something more nasty preteen girls than a friendship with the twenty-five year old. The twenty-four year old turned his attention back to using Tocho's ass, but when Etu cried out again, both the sound of Ben's fist hitting the brave's stomach, the crying out of pain and then the preteen sex erotica glance to Ciqala, his head hanging down, resorting to shaking it back and forth at the lo guestbook preteen futility of the torture, drove Buck into a decision.First, Tocho, who knew some of the white man's language, had understood what they had talked about; the contest Ben had proposed."You... you help us?" Tocho said to Buck, as the fucking action preteen usa free trickled to a slight european preteen pictures move."Shut up," is all Buck said.However, Buck's attention span had drifted away from his cock sunk into Tocho's ass. Instead, it had been trained to that preteen twinks models of Ben sinking his fist, for the sixth time, into Etu's stomach."He's done for," Ben reported.Letting Etu cute litle preteen out of the preteen 13 tgp bound position, the brave fell to his knees, then over onto the ground, the front of his body making a pounding sound, as it hit the dirt. Chuck leaned over, took Etu's hair in his hand and picked up his head. His eyes shut, he detected him still breathing.He cheerfully reported, "Eh, give him an hour to rest and he'll be ready for another round.""In the mean time, let's have a preteen angels uncensored go at some fresh meat?"Ben already eyed up Ciqala, bound to the tree. fresh preteens tgp Chuck, turning his head in Ben's direction, felt the twitching in his cock. Standing, he rubbed his fist, wanting to feel it pounding porno foto preteens the braves taut abs. Soon the two stood there in front of the eighteen year old. "You want preteen nymphet portals to take him first?" Chuck asked Ben."He's all trussed up. No reason why we can't both go at'em," Ben replied, pressing into Ciqala's abs, sensing the tightness."Can't you just fuck the guy and let it go at that?""Why don't you just mind your own 'fucking' business, Buck?"This time, Chuck stepped in between the two."Hey, look, Buck didn't mean anything by ebony preteens videos it, Ben," Chuck tried to dispell the disagreement.Tocho followed their conversation, but made like he didn't understand a word of it."I don't see where you take such great pleasure in torturing a man," Buck defended himself."You're such a wimp, free preteen boys Buck," Is all Ben told him.Chuck tried to ease preteen storyboard bbs Buck's mind, by saying, "C'mon Ben, let's go use one of the other indians. I've seen some of them and they got some hot stomachs to work."However, Ben stood to torment Buck's emotions more, to see where it would provoke him."Nah. I've preteen girls vagina got my set on this one. Bet his stomach can take twenty or thirty punches.""Ughhhhhhhhh!" Ciqala cried out, as preteen bondage stories Ben began the gut torture.With his nearly totally soft preteen neked cock pulled from Tocho's ass, Buck moves over to where Ben had moved back, waiting for Ciqala to recover, before sinking his fist into his gut for the second time. In preteen tiny breasts a burst of courage, Buck pulls Ben's arm back, snagging it behind his back."I pre teen toes 'said' that's enough!" Buck warns Ben."Shit it is!" Ben yells out, annoyed by preteens softcore com Buck's response.A scuffle breaks out."Hey guys, this is...."Chuck tries to step in between, but he sees now how this has developed into a gentlemen's disagreement. He moves back, letting the two have it out, even though he suspects he knows what the outcome will be. That is if they topless preteens modeling don't get caught by Caligula."Stop this at once!"'Uh oh,' Chuck thinks to himself, 'too late!'More than the sound of Caligula's booming voice brings the physical disagreement to a halt. Not only is Chuck, Ben and Buck looking ahead of them, but Ciqala and Tocho take hot preteens nude on the view.There Caligula stands tall, holding a chain, as if a leash. Around Hastiin's neck is a metal ring, which the preteen faces galleries lead has been attached. To his wrists have been attached the same, chained together and then linked to the collar. A small black collar, seemingly made of leather is around his cock and balls, illegal preteen cock separating the two. Then, it is drawn up between Hastiin's balls. Through his nips are metal rings, piercing each. Caligula puts a hand on Hastiin's shoulder.He dictates, "Down, slave."Hastiin sinks to his knees."What is this about?" Caligula demands, in an astute manner."Um," Ben starts out, "nothing."He winds up preteen pussy galleries doubled on the ground, fetal position, after Caligula's boot hammers his crotch. Chuck bends, squatting, to comfort him."You will learn not to lie to Caligula," the mighty brown man directs to Ben. Then, turning to Buck, he asks, "you tell me what the truth is?"Buck swallows, then with a slight fear, continues, "Um, you penis boys preteens see Caligula, I was minding my own," then Buck realizes he wasn't minding his own business and reports, "um, I wasn't really minding my own business and..."Caligula, not a man without pity nor amusement, smirks. He continues to listen to Buck's account."...I was fucking this indian here and it looked like... well, you see I've been there myself and know what it's like to like a guy..."Very taken with Buck's account, Caligula crosses his arms, interested in the story."... um, like in loving him?" Buck pauses."Go on," Caligula relaxes his pose."Well, them two," he paused again, realizing he implicated Chuck as well, which from a friendship point of view, bothered him, continued, "started beating the indian.... over there, on the ground and I sensed this one here," Buck pointed to Ciqala, bound to the tree, "is like his man. Like they love each other or something and danish preteen nudes I couldn't stand to watch this one hurting while the guy he cares for got beat."All of them waited for Caligula to speak. He stood there, as if thinking.Buck added, "I don't suppose you can understand what I mean, Caligula. I once had a guy I loved... liked...."That got a small response from Caligula.Continuing, Buck said, "and I know if I had to watch him getting a beating like that. sexy preteens nonnude Don't you have any emotions, Caligula?"Realizing what he had just accused Caligula of, Buck tried apologizing. He felt worse when Caligula approached preteen bedwetter pics him, dragging Hastiin along, at the end of the lead."Caligula understand."Buck sensed the tall brown man actually had a heart. Something rarely seen in the man whom had often been portrayed over and over as a mean, sadistic ogre. Buck hoped he was in the clear, but was willing to submit to any wrong doing. After pre teen movies all, he had been a part of this fracas.Caligula called out to a band of the other men, "You four... put these men pictures hot preteen in chains!"Ben and Chuck began to protest. However, only preteen sites Buck japan preteen whores looked first to Ciqala, then to Etu, who lay out on the ground."No," Caligula interrupted them, "this one, leave with me."The four men hauled off Chuck and Ben, leaving Buck behind. Caligula, still leading Hastiin around preteen forum videos as if a dog, walked over to where Etu lay, faced down. He picked up his head."He is still alive. You will be responsible for this one, Buck."Caligula didn't say anything more, but walked off preteen petite girls into another direction, pulling Hastiin to his feet amature preteen photos and leading his slaveboy.%Continued.....Copyright 2005 T. Luke McPhee All World Rights ReservedThis story may not be sold or made part of any collection without prior written permission. The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP
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